First Impressions: The Hate U Give.

I’ve been meaning to pick up this book for a while now. With the release of the movie in October, I’ve been meaning to read it for several months since I first heard of the movie coming out. Since I’ve made it my goal to read as many books as I can in the next year, I decided to start my new year off right, by reading this book. Of course, I’m terribly late to the party, but I still very much look forward to experiencing this novel for myself.

This novel took the YA community by the storm and was recommended by John Green in his vlogbrothers video almost a year ago. Even though I’m only about a hundred pages into the novel I am enjoying it tremendously. It’s fast-paced, easy to follow and has interesting characters. Starr Carter – the main character is incredibly well written and most of all – relatable.

The book is also incredibly relevant and important. It opens conversations that have to be had about police brutality and racial prejudice that often permeates through our society. In the first twenty-five pages, Starr watches her friend die at the hands of a cop who pulled them over. The novel provides a harrowing look into something that happens in real life all the time. Something that needs to be talked about.

I am glad that this book is opening a conversation, and I am excited to read more.


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